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Mowing for Back Pain

My back ached. It could have been the 2-5 gallon buckets of soil that I lugged around the parking lot at the plant sale last weekend. It could have been the hole I dug in the front yard to uproot … Continue reading

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Spreading Dandelions

My stomach feels hollow. I can taste a bitter tang on my teeth. Gray root stains line the sides of my palms. I can smell the acrid tang of the plant’s latex each time I clinch my fists. It is … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Karl Marx

“Propagation Fair” is the new name of this annual event. This is a sterile term for a fertile undertaking. For those who wish to propagate misinformation, energy waves, or software; stay home. This show is not for you. In reality, … Continue reading

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Nothing Beats a Beet

I used to hate beets. It was my childhood nemesis. I hated their rubbery texture. I hated how they stared back at me in a defiant way as if they they knew what a sturdy blockage they were against me … Continue reading

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Shovel Time

Here in the mushy part of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, only the hardiest of gardeners display shovel callouses. The rainy season is rising with the tide. Those with basements, have unintended, indoor water features. Stores are stocking up on hip boots. … Continue reading

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A Nod from The Times

My fellow Master Gardeners are strutting around town in their movie star sunglasses today. Our program was featured in the New York Times. Apparently, our struggle to survive has a name: the New Food Culture. Are we trendy? They correctly … Continue reading

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