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Path of the Planets

Tonight was the night of the alignment People called it the Star of Bethlehem It is neither of course Tonight is the night of illusions Venus and Jupiter have circled in their orbits They seem to be touching Almost one … Continue reading

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The Pope is a Robot

I have an odd obsession with all things papal. As a child, the pope was just the pope. Pope Paul VI reign was overshadowed by the Kennedy assassination, civil rights and the Viet Nam war. Any changes Paul VI instigated … Continue reading

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Lessons from My Inner Dog

Cats dominate my life. They grossly outnumber the human family members in my house. I don’t remember searching for a cat to add to my life for many years and yet, here they are. They lounge on couches, have food … Continue reading

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Time Heals All Cat Wounds

Our cat, Isis, used to hate me. She spent the first 15 years of her life giving me a suspicious eye that clearly indicated that without her ever vigilant nature, I would have cooked and eaten her by now. She … Continue reading

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Stones in the River

There are pieces of my life that flow gently from day to day like a sleepy Southern river. One lesson I have learned along this adventure is that the little bumps and bubbles mean ancient stones lie beneath the surface … Continue reading

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Wings to Fly

Each of my chickens has a unique personality. Amelia is unreasonable tyrant. Emily is the disconnected elder statesman. Alice is the long suffering Zen Buddhist. Edna, her sister, suffered from middle child syndrome. For a long time, she was just … Continue reading

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Alice Meek and Mild

I have had chickens in my life for many years. Consequently, I have become the person that people call when they are having trouble with their own backyard hens. I get calls about thin shells, torn combs, molting hens … … Continue reading

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The Panic Sets In

Occupy Medical is a treasure. We are a collection of volunteers that offer free, professional medical service every week at the downtown Eugene Park Blocks. We pull up to the curb with our 35 foot long mobile clinic Sunday mornings … Continue reading

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Tribute to Mom

I wrote the following obituary for my mother a few days after she passed. At her memorial service, a man came up to me who had been working in the kitchen to pass out refreshments in the basement of my … Continue reading

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On Tuesday morning, around 3:30am, I lost my mother. She had been battling a heart condition and its long reaching implications for 8 years. I was with her in her home at the time. She died peacefully in her sleep. … Continue reading

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