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Resurrecting the Dead

The strip between the parking lots of the post office and the warehouse was barren. It constited of a long lump of dry beige soil and a few struggling sweet gum trees. A landscaping company came by once a month … Continue reading

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The Inner Superhero

My youngest son is secretly a superhero. I used to think of him as being a ornery, teen version of Clark Kent with a video game obsession. He has worked hard to convince us that his only interests in life … Continue reading

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Hungry for Natives

Every week I try to sneak away from the city. I live in Eugene, Oregon which is a considered a small city by most standards but it is a city none-the-less. Eugene is rife with parks and bike paths but … Continue reading

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The Medicine of Flowers

I call myself the practical herbalist. Pragmatism is a value that I hold in high regard. I dress in clothing that fits comfortably. I strive to cook food that is flavorful and nutritious. I recycle. I can. I save paper … Continue reading

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One for the Birds

I love Thanksgiving. Beyond the talk of pilgrims and turkey and football, I just love the good, old-fashioned sense of indulgence. It is the supreme feast of the year. The focus is not on a tree or a bunny or … Continue reading

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Dear Governor Kitzhaber

Governor Kitzhaber, I know that you are a proud Oregonian. I share your vision for our great state. I, too want to live in a state that has clean water, fresh air and bountiful wildlife. A healthy environment must include … Continue reading

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Spider Season

August starts next week and with it, is the advent of Willamette Valley’s spider season.  Up north, we have very few actually dangerous animals. We try to make the most of those that we host. No boa constrictors that suck … Continue reading

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