My Love Letter to the NSA

NSA Love Letter imageMy husband is the cohost of a show called “Occupy Radio”. True to its name, it focuses on issues that inspired the Occupy movement. This week, he and his cohost, Rivera Sun, designed a show focusing on the recent transgressions of inappropriate spying from the NSA on American citizens. Various activists were invited to write love letters to the National Security Agency. This is the written text on which I based my audio contribution. Click on the link below to enjoy the show in its entirety.

Occupy Radio Podcast 2/12/14

Dear NSA,

I know you mean well. You really think that you are doing the right thing. Since I started working as a healthcare activist, you have been my constant companion. I am sure that your heart is really in the right place. You believe that you are protecting me – protecting all of us but we need to talk.

First, I want to say that all change is not bad. It can be scary sometimes but activism is one of the ways that we grow up as a nation.

I have a little mobile free clinic that is run by donations and volunteers. It is a model of how single payer healthcare will look for a patient. You get help when you need it, because you need it, not because you have a a certain type of insurance.

This seems scary to you so you watch us carefully. That is okay. Even the NSA will enjoy the benefits of single payer once it is adopted. It may help you to adjust if you call the change a development or an improvement. Doesn’t that sound nicer?

Now let’s talk about some of the behaviors that you need to change to make our relationship work. We are talking about trust.

  1. Follow the rules – Nancy Pelosi complained that you have broken privacy rules thousands of times a year and are hiding these errors from the public. The irony of hiding these crimes while spying on people who aren’t committing crimes dampens my faith in you.
  2. Lying – Your boss, Clapper, is on record for lying to congress. This was a big boo-boo. The question wasn’t difficult to understand. “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Clapper said no and when called on it, he said that he responded in the “least untruthful manner”. Wow. I don’t know where to start with that.
  3. Take feedback – Nothing fans the flames of denial like putting a stop gap on feedback. The president, in responding to criticism of NSA crimes, promised to assign an independent auditor to survey your records. Who is in charge of the audit? Clapper – the same guy who feels good about sharing information in a “least truthful manner”. This raises all kinds of trust issue red flags.

broken phoneLook NSA, I get that you want to keep us safe as Americans. I take it for granted that you are spying on me. It is probable that this means that I am doing a good job as an activist. You want to make sure that my fellow activists and I are benefits, not threats, to society but remember that trust is a 2 way street. You’ve got to do your part too.

One more thing. You also need to work on your hoarding behavior. You are accused of storing millions of records of US phone calls. Millions. Daily.

What do you think you are going to do with these records? That’s a lot of spying. It must be hard to get from your computer chair to the bathroom with all that clutter.

Time to clean house, NSA. The neighbors are starting to complain about the smell.

– Sue Sierralupe, American citizen


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