The 2nd Deadly Sin

The Coveted Fruit

Dessert is available all the times at my house. There are several bowls of fruit in the dining room. One is full of apples, one is especially for bananas and one is usually full citrus fruit. This time there was an imposter in the mix – a mango.

My teenaged sons had been eyeballing it for a few days. I caught each of them poking at the mango a few times. I  needed to stave them off.

“Let’s wait for Monday. It needs to mature more. It can be dessert with a cup of chai.”

That cinched the deal. The mango was safe … until Monday.

Monday dinner disappeared with it’s usual supernatural speed. The boys, temporarily sated, wandered off to the basketball court. As darkness fell, my sons’ stomachs overtook their memory banks again.

I boiled the water for chai and grabbed a knife. The scent of freshly cut mango, drew the boys into the kitchen. I put 2 large pieces of mango aside.

“Who gets those?” asked the boys leaning forward. Their fingers were sticky with mango juice but more is always better. Greed was making them fierce.

“Those are for Dad.”

“Dad wants mango?” asked one brother.

The other jumped on this line of reasoning.

“Yeah, maybe Dad doesn’t want any. Maybe he’s full.”

I wiped my hands on a dish towel and pointed to the remaining mango.

“Don’t touch those. I’ll be back.”

I leaned into the other room.

“Dave, do want some mango slices?”

“No. I’m good,” he replied.

As I leaned back into the room the 2nd deadly sin had just been enacted. My sons with mouths full of the remaining mango were giving each other brotherly high fives. How did enough time pass for that interaction to take place? Greed gives you wings.

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