The Coyote Revival Tales

Coyote Plans His Next Trick

For most of us, Coyote needs no introduction. He’s a trickster, a scallywag and a self-absorbed ladies man. He is also a teacher, a guardian and a creator of worlds. Coyote is not quite human and yet entirely human. He is a God for the people.

Coyote plays the fool in ways that no human should dare. As an immortal, he can be killed but only until morning. He falls in love with stars. He visits the land of the dead. He is the father and tormentor of the human race.

Some scholars have compared him to Loki. Close, boys, but no cigar. Coyote is conniving but would be more likely to save the world from Ragnarok instead cause it. It would be more accurate to compare him to Raven: a rated X version of Raven.

In these tales, Coyote is modernized and tamer than the Coyote of my wayward youth. I am not trying to retell the ancient Coyote tales. Those have been and still are being told by the master storytellers. Coyote Revival Tales are intended as a reawakening of Coyote in a culture that sorely needs him.

In my world view, our society has gotten a little big for its britches. We need to laugh at ourselves again. We need to reexamine what is really important and why. We need Coyote to catch us with our pants down and teach us to smile and shake our heads when he does.

I welcome my readers to share their true stories that display the spirit of mischief – the spirit of Coyote. I will retell it as a Coyote story and share it on my blog. Remember that this is just for fun. I can’t and won’t pay any one for their story. I retain the copyright to each story. I will only mention a reader’s name if they specifically ask me to. For obvious reasons, most Coyote stories are best told anonymously.

When I read a story, I let my mind drift off before I rewrite it. It seems that I have to give Coyote a little time to chew on its bones. Don’t be surprised if he changes the context of the story entirely. Coyote tells the story the way he hears it. It’s just his way.

Welcome back, Coyote. We missed you.

– Sue Sierralupe

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