Snarky Skits

The Snarky Skits are born every week on Chaos Theory Radio. David Sierralupe, Johnny K. Dangers and I put together a free podcast in which we open with a skit and then move into our political commentary on today’s news. It is a labor of love and sarcasm.

Every week, we discuss topics in a number of categories which are named: Freedom Fries, Cop Watch, I Call Bullshit, Healthcare Pulse, Forgotten History and Radical Idea. If you listen to the show regularly, you will hear reoccurring “guests”: Sean Connory (Johnny K’s dad), NSA agent Jim ┬áJones, Pinnochio, and an array of other distrubing characters.

The skit at the beginning of the show sets the tempo for each show. It is a celebration of the absurd world that we call Chaos Theory Radio. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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