The Herbalist Manifesto

Responsible herbalists live by a credo to live in accordance to the divinity of life. Our fingers are on the pulse of our little planet. We must act with compassion and prudence. It is our duty to serve. Our duty is tied to our knowledge and sensitivity yet the duty is greater than egos. With this in mind, we must follow the rules of this manifesto.

1. Live a life which celebrates health. The herbalist must strive to live a healthy life in order to serve as an example to others.

2. Be the perpetual student. The more that you learn, the more people you can help.

3. Be mindful of your environment. The disease of an individual begins in the environment. Observe unhealthy living conditions in the home, workplace and community. Strive to correct them for the benefit of all.

4. Give help where help is requested. Offer help to best your ability or refer assistance from a more qualified source.

5. Be cautious in your speech. Herbalists are leaders in the community so our words are catalysts of change. Think carefully before speaking.

6. Honor the plants that assist you. Be respectful when planting, nurturing and harvesting herbs. Be mindful of the plant community that the herb lives in. All things are connected and all actions have consequences.

7. Abandon selfishness. Harvest only what you need. Ignore the cravings of impulse. Live as part of the community not apart from the community.

8. Listen with an open mind. Research carefully. Be mindful of the past, stay grounded in the present and allow hope for the future.

Peace be with you. – Sue Sierralupe



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