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Trick or Treat – Snarky Skits

Trick or Treat 2015 Setting: Front porch of older woman Grandma: Okay, kids! Enjoy your candy. You have a good Halloween. Yup. Watch your step! <closes door> What a bunch of cuties. Those were the tiniest ninjas I have ever … Continue reading

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“Kim Davising” It – Snarky Skits

Setting: Family Home Mom: OK kids! Come on! It’s time to do the yardwork. Let’s get this done quickly. Dave: Um, Mom? Johnny and I have been talking about this and we decided that we are going to “Kim Davis” … Continue reading

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Monsanto/Burma Shave Road Signs

<Family in car singing Old MacDonald.> <General sounds of happiness.> Mom: Look kids, There are some old Burma Shave signs. That company used to post funny rhymes along the road in sections to advertise and amuse travelers. Let’s see what … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Messiah

Ken Ham and I have one thing in common, we both love dinosaurs. That is where our similarities end. I think dinos are awesome creatures that tell the ever-expanding tale of what life on this tiny planet was like before … Continue reading

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A Year of Parenting Dangerously

January is a classic time for people to review the old year and make plans for the new year. The image of the head of the Roman God Janus comes to mind. Janus has one face looking into the past … Continue reading

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The Inner Superhero

My youngest son is secretly a superhero. I used to think of him as being a ornery, teen version of Clark Kent with a video game obsession. He has worked hard to convince us that his only interests in life … Continue reading

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The Sibling Set

My youngest son, Aaron was born when his siblings were in grade school. This age difference secured him a unique relationship in the family. By the time Aaron was 2 years old, he worshiped his siblings as gods. They knew … Continue reading

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Lock, Shock and Barrel

It was early on a dark and chilly Christmas morning. There was a low rustling sound in the house downstairs. I rolled over and pretended it was the cats. I had dragged myself to bed at 1 a.m. later that … Continue reading

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One for the Birds

I love Thanksgiving. Beyond the talk of pilgrims and turkey and football, I just love the good, old-fashioned sense of indulgence. It is the supreme feast of the year. The focus is not on a tree or a bunny or … Continue reading

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America Straps on Training Wheels or Why I Ain’t Callin’ It “Obamacare”

This Thursday, June 28th, 2012, was a victorious day for the American people. The Supreme Court upheld Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which is popularly known as “Obamacare“. As happy as I am for my fellow citizens, I … Continue reading

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