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Back on Track

The train was late, as usual. Only a few minutes but for some reason, the fact that it was behind schedule gave me faith. I wanted ordinary things to happen. My son was heading off on to hike from Yosemite … Continue reading

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Snow Day Philosophy

The day was not promising to be easy. Ice had hardened the snow on the streets of our little town in a chunky mass. Tree limbs were falling from the sudden weight of the ice. They popped like fireworks and … Continue reading

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Kids in the Canopy

On our way out of town, the kids rattled on about climbing trees. My friend, Barb craned her neck from the passenger seat to peer at the excitement in back of my minivan. She and I had been volunteering with … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Back in the Ditch…

Sunday, March 13th, 2011 – The ferocity of the storm was a complete surprise. When Dylan, Barbara, Sofia and set out for tour hike Sunday morning, the weather forecast called for rain. What is rain to hardened Oregonians like ourselves? … Continue reading

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