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Capitol Hill Santa – Snarky Skits

Setting: Santa’s Congressional Spending Workshop Santa: Ho, ho, ho! Gather round children. I have toys for all the good little boys and girls here at Capitol Hill. <children’s voices> Santa: One at a time, one at a time. Ho, ho, … Continue reading

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Holiday Strays

The rain was miserable. It was gray and misty in between bursts of heavy downpours. It got into every crevice. I was just as grumpy as the weather. My coat was wet. I was overloaded with stuff to do. I … Continue reading

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The Medicine of Flowers

I call myself the practical herbalist. Pragmatism is a value that I hold in high regard. I dress in clothing that fits comfortably. I strive to cook food that is flavorful and nutritious. I recycle. I can. I save paper … Continue reading

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Life of Pie

I love pie. I was raised with the scent of pie cooking in the oven just before a holiday or birthday. My family was poor so cake was a luxury that we could rarely afford. Pie is made of fruit … Continue reading

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The End of Easter

My husband and I considered ourselves unconventional, outside the box, thinkers. We discarded the holidays of popular culture and embraced only the ones that made sense to us. We were rebels. Than we had kids. Trying to get children excited … Continue reading

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