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Two Fer Tuesday – Snarky Skits

Setting: Locally produced TV commercial Announcer: Two fer Tuesday! Two fer Tuesday! Two fer Tuesday! Grab the family and head on down to Honest Cal’s Used Politician Lot. We have acres of politicians available for your cause driving pleasure. We … Continue reading

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“Kim Davising” It – Snarky Skits

Setting: Family Home Mom: OK kids! Come on! It’s time to do the yardwork. Let’s get this done quickly. Dave: Um, Mom? Johnny and I have been talking about this and we decided that we are going to “Kim Davis” … Continue reading

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The Crush of Competition Culture

My son, Dylan, returned from Southern California with many exciting tales. He had been hiking in Yosemite during the drought season and had to reroute his trip to avoid ¬†wildfires. One story stuck in my craw. At one point, he … Continue reading

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A Year of Parenting Dangerously

January is a classic time for people to review the old year and make plans for the new year. The image of the head of the Roman God Janus comes to mind. Janus has one face looking into the past … Continue reading

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The Sibling Set

My youngest son, Aaron was born when his siblings were in grade school. This age difference secured him a unique relationship in the family. By the time Aaron was 2 years old, he worshiped his siblings as gods. They knew … Continue reading

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On Tuesday morning, around 3:30am, I lost my mother. She had been battling a heart condition and its long reaching implications for 8 years. I was with her in her home at the time. She died peacefully in her sleep. … Continue reading

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Lock, Shock and Barrel

It was early on a dark and chilly Christmas morning. There was a low rustling sound in the house downstairs. I rolled over and pretended it was the cats. I had dragged myself to bed at 1 a.m. later that … Continue reading

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Garlic Day in Sierralupeland

The garlic was ripe and ready to harvest. The leaves were drying and flowers were fading. It was garlic harvest time. I bundled up the garlic that I had pulled and laid it on on the lawn by the deck … Continue reading

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Teenagers and the Backyard Chicken

Backyard chicken coops are all the rage now. There is even a name for women who raise urban chickens: femivore. This term doesn’t fit my lifestyle. I am not a suburban housewife with a high income hippie agenda. I work … Continue reading

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The 2nd Deadly Sin

Dessert is available all the times at my house. There are several bowls of fruit in the dining room. One is full of apples, one is especially for bananas and one is usually full citrus fruit. This time there was … Continue reading

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