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The End of Easter

My husband and I considered ourselves unconventional, outside the box, thinkers. We discarded the holidays of popular culture and embraced only the ones that made sense to us. We were rebels. Than we had kids. Trying to get children excited … Continue reading

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An Argument of Sparrows

My daughter’s appendicitis came with a great view. Her hospital bed was situated on the 7th floor overlooking the McKenzie River. As the sun rose, we could see towering Douglas-Firs, a shallow span of river dotted with islands of alder … Continue reading

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Take No Prisoners

My oldest son, Dylan, has taken over his younger brother’s bedtime routine so that I can have a little quiet time. I collect our professional foot-warming cat and tromp upstairs to snuggle under the blankets with a book. Even though … Continue reading

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Despicable Me

If you asked me on any other day, I’d tell you that honesty is the best policy. I’d tell you that being a good role model is vital to successful parenting. I’d even share my well-honed communication techniques. Today, I’d … Continue reading

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